“I love you, Joy. That was never a lie.”

We love you too Robin Williams. And that too, was never a lie.

Robin Williams presented his best and last dramatic performance in an indie movie named “Boulevard” which was premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in April last year.

Source: Comingsoon
Source: Comingsoon

The legendary actor and comedian Robin Williams takes on the lead role as Nolan, a married and closeted 60-year-old bank manager who hasn’t been honest about his true self in his entire life. He was trapped in a dull and passionless marriage with his wife Joy, played by “Edward Scissorshands'” Kathy Baker but things changed, surprisingly when he meets a young male prostitute name Leo, played by Roberto Aguire.

Source: Comingsoon
Source: Comingsoon

Even though Leo was getting paid, but his role was to simply keep Nolan accompanied, communicate with him emotionally and finally, embracing Nolan’s sexuality to bring out his true self.

“Boulevard” was directed by Dito Montiel based on the script written by Douglas Soesbe while Monica Aguirre Diez Barroso, Ryan Belenzon, Mia Chang and Jeffrey Gelber will serve as producers of the film.

Watch the trailer here:

Slated for a release on 10th July, the film also stars Bob Odenkirk, Giles Matthey and Eleonore Hendricks.

“Boulevard” is one out of four films Williams have left behind after he passed on in August 2014. The 3 other remaining films include “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb” and “A Merry Friggin’ Christmas” which were screened last year. The last one will be an upcoming comedy titled “Absolutely Anything” which features the voice of Williams as a dog and is to hit cinemas on 14th August 2015.

Source: Eonline

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