We hate to break this to you, but “Princess Diaries” won’t be making a return to the big screen any time in the near future 🙁

Just yesterday, the interwebs went crazy over the news that “Princess Diaries 3” is in the works. Unfortunately, several insiders who are familiar with the situation denied the possibility and confirmed that Disney is not developing a 3rd instalment of he popular “Princess Diaries” series.

Source: MTV
Source: MTV

The rumours first started when The Tracking Board reported that a sequel was currently in development, with Debra Chase (who produced the 1st and 2nd instalment of the popular film series) returning to produce the latest outing. It was further fueled when Heather Matarazzo (who played Lilly Moscovitz in the previous “Princess Diaries” films) tweeted that some “good news” are in store for fans of the franchise.


In a twist of events, another source close to the project refuted the rumours, confirming that a “conversation” was indeed brought up about a possible sequel, but the discussion, sadly, ended without a positive result. The source added that no screenwriter has been attached to the sequel, nor is Disney currently developing the movie.

Source: Deadline
Source: Deadline

Insiders who are close to Anne Hathaway (who was the star of the movies) also stated that no script has came her way and the actress is not attached to any “Princess Diaries” films as of now.

Do you think there’s still hope for “Princess Diaries 3” to be developed? If there is, do you want the original cast to return? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments box below! 😉

Source: Variety

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