What’s not to love when it comes to football?

Football has the uncanny ability to unite us in cheering, staying up all night or even suffering the agony of defeat together whenever we watch the beautiful game. Whether in the comfort of our own homes or piggybacking the large screen with strangers at the local mamak, football evidently does make the world go round.



In the same way, “YNWA (You Never Walk Alone): The Official History of Liverpool Football Club” aims to unite football fans and non-fans alike by sharing and celebrating all 120 years of Liverpool’s colorful history musically. SaiKris Leisure brings the UK production to Malaysian shores for 3 nights this July, marking Malaysia as its first global stage outside UK.

Penned by Nicky Allt, the musical opens with a family of four, burying their grandfather and reminiscing memories of him as a hard-core Liverpool fan. In their travel down memory lane, the story unfolds from the club’s very beginning on Anfield in 1892 to recreating its many momentous triumphs and losses. 

Jake Abraham starred as ''Gerry'' in this musical

Stories in the musical pay homage to Liverpool’s many talented players in the likes of Elisha Scott and Steven Gerrard, and their managers such as Bill Shankly and Rafael Benitez. It even has allusions to Luis Suarez before his biting got the better of him.

Not only is YNWA a must-see for Liverpool fans to relive some of the club’s greatest matches, its family oriented setting is perfect for some father-child bonding time. More so for a new generation of Kopites.

Check out more pictures from the musical in the gallery below:

As for the non-football fans, YNWA is choke full with enough history and musical elements to satisfy the curiosity of history buffs and musical fans alike. Liverpool’s anthem is first a musical number for a Rodgers and Hammerstein’s production after all. It will even appeal to the Anglophile that we all have in us with its countless British wisecracks and witty dialogue.

So, you game? 😉


Deets are as follows:

  • Date: 31st July – 2nd August
  • Time: 8pm
  • Venue: Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur
  • Ticketing + Seating:
YNWA - The Official History of Liverpool Football Club Musical Tickets
Click to enlarge (Source: TicketPro)
YNWA - The Official History of Liverpool Football Club Musical Malaysia Seating Plan
Click to enlarge (Source: TicketPro)

To purchase tickets, you can get them online here, visit their ticketing outlets, or you can keep a lookout for the YNWA truck that goes around town for a special promotion.

While YNWA is about Liverpool’s greatest moments, it’s possible the greatest of them hasn’t been realised yet. But that moment may come when you’re there in the seats singing along with everyone to “You’ll Never Walk Alone” in great gusto.

For more updates, head over to their website or their Facebook page.

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