For more than a decade, the topic surrounding food in Malaysia has been brought up more than once whenever this question pops up: “Which destination that has the best food in the world?” As we are living in a nation that’s a melting pot of culture, traveling foodies always make it a point to ensure that they’ve tasted almost every local cuisine before leaving our country.

Our nation is, after all, considered as a food haven.

And now, according to a survey conducted by CNN through an open Facebook poll, Malaysia has been ranked 6th among destinations in the world with the best food.


Asam Laksa

Garnering 265 votes, Malaysian cuisine is described as “the sum of many delicious parts” as its influences include Chinese, Indian, and Malay.

The survey added:

In some ways it’s similar to Indonesian food, with the two nations sharing many of the same dishes. (Warning: debates over dish origins can turn nasty in these parts — such is the passion of the region’s food lovers.) Regardless, once you’re in Malaysia and slurping a bowl of laksa, you’ll quickly dispense with historical concerns and wonder instead where your next meal is coming from and how you can you get to it sooner.

CNN also noted that Asian food is clearly one of the most sought-after cuisines in the world as more than half of the destinations shown in the list are in Asia. Taiwan is the country with the best food in the world as it earned 8,242 votes. According to CNN, Taiwan is a country with a simple culinary philosophy: “Eat often and eat well”.

Taiwan Beef Noodles

Coming in 2nd place with 1,528 votes is Philippines, which was described as a nation “blessed with an abundance of seafood, tropical fruits and creative cooks”. Even though Italian cuisine has “enslaved taste buds around the globe for centuries”, Italy ranked 3rd with 810 votes, making it the only non-Asian country to be listed in the top 3 spots.

Thailand ranked 4th with 470 votes while Japan landed at 5th spot with 443 votes. Hong Kong ranked right behind Malaysia with 236 votes, as the survey said the nation “has a passion reserved just for Hong Kong food that eclipses their love for politics, shopping, gambling and even stocks”.


India, Greece, and Vietnam took the last 3 spots with 205, 167, and 162 votes, respectively.

Source: CNN

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