Current world #1 DJ Hardwell can now add another item to his bursting-at-seams list of talents!

Aside from constantly releasing some of the heaviest hitters in the electronic dance music industry and providing a home for the next generation of electronic talents via Revealed Recordings, he has also ventured into voice acting. And not just in any random role – Hardwell is a minion!

DJ Hardwell Minion


Yes, that minion pictured above. In fact, that would probably best depict Hardwell at the decks if he was really a minion.

Sun Times sat down with the DJ/producer extraordinaire recently before his set at the Spring Awakening Music Festival in Chicago over the weekend for a quick chat. He was asked, “You’ve traveled the world, released an album and become the No. 1 DJ in the world, things most people dream of. So what’s on your bucket list?”

To which Hardwell replied:

Well, I actually just fulfilled one of the things on my bucket list in Holland. You know that the new “Minions” film is coming out, right? I did one of the voices for one of the characters in Dutch, in the Dutch version of the movie. Being a voice actor, I’ve always wanted to do something like that. I play Walter Jr., he’s one of the guys on the big criminal tour, one of the criminals in the movie.

And this next picture will make the above statement seem a whole lot more legit.

Check it:

Hardwell Minion

Too cute! Oh, and we really should add that nugget of information in our “Minions” fun facts feature, eh? 😉


“Minions” will be released in cinemas nationwide come 18th June 2015.

In other news, don’t forget to get your hands on the next chapter of the Revealed story with “Hardwell Presents Revealed Volume 6” – out 19th June on Beatport. Deets on the free download here. Alternatively, you could also pre-order it from iTunes here.

Source: Sun Times.

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