Now, this is worth breaking the Internet (Sorry, Kim K.).

The avid gamers around the world collectively cheered when Square Enix announced during the Sony press conference at the E3 2015 that they will be complete remaking “Final Fantasy VII”, which will launch first on PlayStation 4.

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children


“Final Fantasy VII” is considered the best in its franchise as it popularised the Japanese role-playing video game style outside of its home market. It has frequently ranked high on multiple top game lists and its popularity led Square Enix to produce a series of prequels and sequels under the collective title, “Compilation of Final Fantasy VII”.

For the past 17 years, fans of “Final Fantasy VII” have been clamouring for a proper remake of the famed video game since its release in 1997. Rumours and speculations regarding the remake ran wild, but Square Enix did not respond to them and came up with excuses instead.

But now, due to popular demand, the studio finally made gamers’ wishes come true by announcing that the remake is indeed the works.

In fact, a trailer was released at the E3 2015, further proving that the remake is real.

There’s no release date for the remake yet, but it will launch first on PlayStation 4. It was further implied in the trailer that the game will eventually be released for PC and Xbox One too.

Check out the hauntingly beautiful trailer below:

For more information about the remake, visit its official Facebook page. Don’t forget to follow their Twitter for more timely updates.


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