We all have the mantle to survive, we just don’t know it until we’re stuck in an elevator or a small confined space. Our desire for freedom is intensified by the fear of confinement, and the only thing that can help us to escape is our wits and our survival instinct.

With that in mind, Breakout Malaysia wants you to travel through time and the courses of history to get a surreal “escaperience” at its new outlet in Nu Sentral Mall.



The new Breakout outlet is located strategically at the mall that is directly connected to KL Sentral, the main transport hub of the city centre. It is the 2nd Breakout outlet that will continue to bring joy and excitement to all escape game enthusiasts and public at large with their 7 brand new themes and storylines.

Johnny Ong, Head of Creative and Operations at Breakout, said in a statement:

Breakout is suitable for escape game enthusiasts, families and everyone! We are very passionate and dedicated in crafting original stories and themes for players to immerse themselves in a whole new adventure and stratagems. Players can expect new story lines with interesting concepts and new innovations with a little bit of RPG or role-playing.

The team behind Breakout will bring us a whole new surrealistic escape game experience as they’ve orchestrated 7 unique and intriguing designs that are stupendously mind-boggling. Each room remains a theatrical grandeur as various art and science movements as well as famous historic chronicles inspired the themes in the new outlet, which opened its doors on 10th May 2015.

The details regarding all the theme rooms are as follows:

1. Terraform


After a collision with a stray asteroid, the Moon is slowly edging towards Earth. This alarming phenomenon is disrupting the gravitational force on Earth and will prove to be an impending doom to life on Earth. As a group of astronauts dispatched into Mars’s orbit, your primary objective is to analyze and create a suitable chemical equation to allow humans to breathe on Mars. While waiting for the analysis, your crews have gone into hyper-sleep for 3 months but were awakened by a sudden impact on your space station. The unprecedented scenario forces you and your crew to make an inevitable and difficult decision to evacuate while abandoning years of research on Mars and the possible solution to human extinction.


2. The Testament of Tesla


In 1883, Nikola Tesla revealed his first prototype in creating free energy for the world. However, due to the dominating influence of the oil and gas industrialist Hewitt & Co. Tesla was forced to stop his research further and was publicly labeled insane. As Tesla had predicted that natural resources would soon deplete and plunge the world into darkness, he continued in secret to build a power plant able to generate large amounts of electricity in hopes that when the time comes, mankind can be prepared. Decades later, the world had been plunged into darkness due to depleted natural resources. As the descendants of Tesla, you’ve been passed a mysterious will from your caretaker that contains information to once again bring light to humanity.

3. Dreadnought


127 years ago, the world had survived a catastrophic ice age known as the Whiteout and is now going through the aftermath of this global crisis which had blanketed lands with water and reducing the human population in large numbers. Nations now live on giant arks known as the Dreadnought able to sustain ecosystem and life at a smaller scale. Only a small percentage of land remains and every 20 years, candidates will be picked at random to be transported to this land to live out their remaining lives. Being the chosen ones selected this time, you and the rest board the transport vessel with a glimmering excitement of finally seeing land for the first time. When boarding, someone mysteriously passes you a crumpled note of paper…

4. The War For Rembrandt


In the year 1942 a war broke out between the Nuevo Union and the Hetzel Republic known widely as the War for Rembrandt where the world became separated to two regions. One fights for the preservation of art and literacy materials while the latter regards them as manipulative material used by the other to usurp world nations. The Hetzel Republic had confiscated and stored away thousands of artifacts in a secret underground station known as the Train Graveyard. As a rebel group who believes in the importance of art and literature preservation you have located the secret station and have prepared to infiltrate and transport the artifacts out of the station with the help from the Nuevo Union.

5. Materia Medica


A mysterious physician called Han appeared in the small town of Wu Shan one day and immediately became famous among villagers for his remarkable medicine and healing abilities. As the previous famous physician in the village, you are determined to find out the secret of this mysterious man’s background and the ingredients of his miraculous medicine. On a quiet evening, while the physician was away on an errand, you quickly sneak in with your assistants to gather what information you can in hopes that you are able to recreate the same medicine.

6. The Secret of Hocus


While tracking the elusive trails of the mysterious criminal magician Mr. Hocus, you’ve acquired the Wand of Atropos from the Organization. This wand is one of the most powerful ever crafted, along with the Wand of Mythos and Wand of Alectos who were rumoured to be in the possession of Mr. Hocus. You’ve also uncovered a secret theatre where you believe he has kept all of his magical possessions including the other 2 wands of power. However, the Organization says that to destroy his powers, you will need the combined powers of all 3 wands. With this knowledge, you and your team venture deep into the depths of Mr. Hocus’s secret theatre with hopes of ending his regime of crime once and for all.

7. Perpetual


In the year 2016, as an engineer with the supposed first time machine prototype, you embark on a temporal journey to trace and recover the one precious object of your family heirloom that was stolen from you in the past. A code was left behind by the thief and after decades of research you finally believe to have cracked it. Unbelievable as it seems, you feel the deciphered code is showing a specific time and year…

During the grand launch of the new outlet, Leo Ka Wai, Head of PR and Marketing, said that there are plans to open more outlets overseas, including Canada and Europe. He also said that the game is an ideal platform for families, friends and colleagues to bond, as it is suitable for people of all ages especially those who love to challenge their mental and analytical skills.

He added, “You are getting yourself into surreal real-life escape experience set in a realistic way and ready to blow your mind!

Breakout’s 2nd outlet is located at Level 4 of Nu Sentral Mall, right next to Celebrity Fitness.

For more information, visit Breakout Malaysia’s official website and Facebook page.

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