Fear always finds its victim“.

A new trailer of “Regression” has been released, giving us a peek into the Spanish-English thriller film that stars Emma Watson and Ethan Hawke. The trailer, first released on 10th June, showed that the movie will revolve around a Satanic cult and some sexual abuse charges.

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue
Source: Fashion Gone Rogue

Watson plays the role of Angela while Hawke takes up the role of Kenner. Additional cast include David Dencik as John Gray, David Thewlis as Dr. Kenneth Raines, Devon Bostick as Roy Gray, Aaron Ashmore as George Nesbitt, Dale Dickey as Rose Gray, and Adam Butcher as Brody. The movie will see a reunion between Thewlis and Watson, as they both worked together in the “Harry Potter” film series, as Professor Remus John Lupin and Hermione Jean Granger respectively.


In the trailer, we can see Watson’s character looking petrified and stunned, but at the same time trying her best to recall her memory. Her character’s father appears unremorseful too, as he accepts that he committed a crime without remembering what he did. In order to help both characters, a police officer (played by Hawke) has to launch an investigation to find out the truth.

Read the official synopsis below:

Minnesota, 1990. Detective Bruce Kenner investigates the case of young Angela, who accuses her father, John Gray, of an unspeakable crime. When John unexpectedly and without recollection admits guilt, renowned psychologist Dr. Raines is brought in to help him relive his memories and what they discover unmasks a horrifying nationwide mystery.

Watch the trailer here:

Alejandro Amenábar, a Spanish filmmaker, will be directing, producing and writing the script for the movie. Fernando Bovaira and Christina Piovesan will be aiding him in overseeing the production of the film.

“Regression” is set to be released in cinemas on 27th August 2015.

Sources: First Showing, MTV

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