MBLAQ is finally back! The bad news is, only 3 members are back. But on the positive note, their latest comeback is still as awesome (if not more) as their previous comebacks.

Keeping in line with their melancholic and slow releases, MBLAQ did not disappoint with their latest song, “Mirror”. The music video, which was released on 8th June (Monday), showed the members of the group, Seungho, G.O., and Mir, going on a road trip, albeit a sad one. They can be seen looking depressed and betrayed while singing, to portray the fact that their loved ones have left them.

Take a look at it here:


The track is written by all 3 members of MBLAQ, and is composed by 1Take. The song portrays the heartbreak that one faces after a loved one betrays their trust and leaves them. This is MBLAQ’s first comeback without ex-members Lee Joon and Thunder.

MBLAQ talked about their latest title track in a press conference yesterday (9th June) and revealed that the song is connected to the departure of the 2 ex-members. Member G.O. explained that the current members do not have much experience in romantic relationships, so they chose to wrote the song based on the feelings they felt when Lee Joon and Thunder left the group.

Source: J Tune Camp Official Facebook
Source: J Tune Camp Official Facebook

The part of the song that referred to their relationship goes like this:

I have no time to pay attention to you. Now I take off the filthy clothes and realize what being me really is. Now I begin a bright tomorrow. You need to let things be I hear bad things about me from people around me because of your fake attitude. Well you did leave after telling me a bunch of lies I’m sure you want to come back but now I don’t need you anymore. I guess we drifted apart far enough for you to leave without a word like that.

G.O. said:

We can’t say the lyrics are specifically meant for them but because we don’t have too much experience in love we used our current emotion and situations to turn it into a love story. Also we are better singers than the two. So now we have more parts we feel like we can finally sing. Of course, they were better dancers than us.

Source: Mundo Hallyu
Source: Mundo Hallyu

On another part of the lyrics, it said:


I trusted you over all other and maybe that’s why it hurts so much. There wasn’t even a word of apology. I cherished you over everything else and it’s hurts so much I can’t. No. I’m okay without you. I pretend I’m doing well without you. Everyone around asks how you are, I don’t know but you’re probably doing well. You’re so busy and always struggling for tomorrow.

Seungho explained that the part of the lyrics can be interpreted differently, and revealed that there were indeed discord between the current and ex members. He also added that he won’t be disclosing the full details of the disharmony, as he did not want to ruin the good memories they had together.

In other news, Lee Joon and Thunder have sent their well wishes and support to their ex-group. In a recent interview, Lee Joon said, “I wish them well, I haven’t heard the song yet, but I believe they will do well.“. Meanwhile, Thunder uploaded a screenshot of the MBLAQ’s “Mirror” album cover and captioned it with, “#MBLAQ #MIRROR #iprayforyou”.

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