Ooh, Instagram has surely been on a roll in the recent months, and it looks like they’re not quite done with their changes as of yet.

In April, the popular photo-sharing social platform unveiled @Music, an Instagram handle dedicated to, well, music. In the same month, the company also introduced 3 new filters as well as emoji hashtags, which kept us pretty busy just..spamming. And that’s just on the surface/app!

On the backend of it all, they also changed the way hashtags worked (read: hashtags’ restrictions) and now, Instagram has unveiled a new look for their “forgotten child”, Instagram on web.

Instagram New Layout
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The new website design on both desktop and mobile drastically cleaned up the page (no more slider/picture grid on top) and put focus on the posts.

In fact, as seen in the screenshot above, there are only 3 large images in each row now, compared to the 5 small images it used to display. Hence, the photos are much bigger and doesn’t require clicking for a better view. Instagram also did away with the white borders (see what it used to look like here) and got on board with simplicity, making it the perfect platform for photogs and aspiring photogs to showcase their pictures.

Psst. It also may or may not remind you a little of the VSCO Grid pages. Cough cough.

Instagram Web Layout
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Instagram says that the pages are starting to roll out today and should be visible to everyone by the end of the week.

This will receive much love from the minimalists, we’re sure! And on that note, we’re on Instagram too so don’t forget to stalk follow us here.

For more information, visit Instagram’s website or Facebook page.

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