Some of you may assume that “The Martian” is, in a way, connected to Christopher Nolan‘s “Interstellar” as Matt Damon once again plays an astronaut in distress.

However, this movie, which reunites Damon with his “Interstellar” co-star Jessica Chastain, is not a prequel of Nolan’s film. It is an upcoming sci-fi film helmed by master director Ridley Scott, who is best known for his work on “Alien” and “Prometheus“.

The Martian - Bring Him Home


Based on a best-selling noel of the same name by Andy Weir, “The Martian” is written by “The Cabin In The Woods” director Drew Goddard as a project he was originally going to helm. David Fugat, the author’s literary agent, described it as “Apollo 13″ meets “Castaway” when he sent the story to Julian Pavia at Crown.

The official synopsis is as follows:

During a manned mission to Mars, Astronaut Mark Watney (played by Matt Damon) is presumed dead after a fierce storm and left behind by his crew. But Watney has survived and finds himself stranded and alone on the hostile planet. With only meager supplies, he must draw upon his ingenuity, wit and spirit to subsist and find a way to signal to Earth that he is alive. Millions of miles away, NASA and a team of international scientists work tirelessly to bring “the Martian” home, while his crewmates concurrently plot a daring, if not impossible, rescue mission. As these stories of incredible bravery unfold, the world comes together to root for Watney’s safe return.

Damon is starring in the movie alongside Chastain, Sebastian Stan, Kristen Wiig, Kate Mara, Michael Pena, Jeff Daniels, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Donald Glover.

Check out the first official trailer released by 20th Century Fox below:

UPDATE (20th August, 2:35pm):

Matt Damon hasn’t had any food for the last 50 days, but he’s going to “science the s*** out of it”.


The first trailer for “The Martian” has finally arrived online and it looks even more intense than the teaser trailer. The film, which is directed by Ridley Scott, focuses on astronaut Mark Watney (played by Matt Damon) who is mistakenly presumed dead and left behind by his team on Mars.

When NASA officials discover that he is alive, they must decide whether to rescue him and, in doing so, risk the lives of the other 6 crew members. The film ultimately raises the question about whether or not a person is worth rescuing after willingly embraces the risks of space exploration.

Watch the trailer below:

Slated for release 25th November 2015, “The Martian” is produced by Scott, Simon Kinberg, Michael Schaefer, Mark Huffam, and Aditya Sood.

For more information, visit the movie’s official website or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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