Oh boy, it looks like popular blog platform Tumblr is ready to go beyond just “reblogs” and take on reddit’s popular “Ask Me Anything” aka AMA feature. Now, as most of you might already know, the AMA series is one of reddit’s strongest features, having hosted not only your average reddit addict but also other popular people like, oh you know, celebrities and sitting US presidents.

But now, Tumblr is about to give them a run for their money as the blog service has just announced its own question and answer (Q&A) platform called, “Answer Time”.

Tumblr Answer Time


According to Tumblr’s blog post, “you’ll be asking musicians, artists, actors, politicians, and internet personalities exactly whatever you want to ask them”, “they’ll be answering right on their Tumblrs”, and “it’s going to be a little bonkers in the best possible way”. And the first celebrity to take on an “Answer Time” session?

None other than American band Fall Out Boy.

In fact, here’s a bunch that just opened right this second:

  • Ask Fall Out Boy (falloutboy), they’ll answer on 8th June at 3 pm.
  • Ask Vic Mensa (cakemensa), he’ll answer on 9th June at 5 pm.
  • Ask Molly McAleer (molls), she’ll answer on 11th June at 5 pm.
  • Ask Cecile Richards (ppaction), she’ll answer on 12th June at 12 noon
  • Ask David Karp (david), he’ll answer on 16th June at 2 pm.

We must add that eventhough both Q&A features are similar, the approach is slightly different. reddit’s AMA is totally open, in the sense that just about anyone with a reddit account can start an AMA whereas Tumblr’s “Answer Time” appears to be more focused on celebrity Q&As.

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But who knows? That might evolve once the momentum picks up 🙂

Meanwhile, check out what went down with Diplo recently took on reddit’s AMA to field questions from fans.

Source: Tumblr.

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