Raisyyah Rania Yeap, a local celebrity formerly known as Felixia Yeap who made waves last year when she decided to embrace Islam, is officially off the market.

In 2014, she announced that she would officially recite the Muslim declaration of faith on 3rd July, which is her birthday, adding that the 5th day of Ramadan was Prophet Muhammad’s favourite date.

Felixia Yeap Hijab


At that time, she revealed that while her mother was fully supportive of her decision, her friends haven’t been the “friends” that they were supposed to be. According to Raissyah, some of her real-life friends shunned her and avoided her, while others claimed that she was currently dating Raja Zainal Badri and was the main reason behind her wanting to convert.

Netizens who “exposed” the couple via Facebook heavily circulated pictures of the 2 of them together:

Their rumoured relationship was never really publicly confirmed by either party.

A few weeks ago, Raissyah uploaded 2 curious Instagram posts which suggested that she was either planning to get married or was already engaged. This was confirmed by Malay Mail Online (MMO), as the news outlet wrote that Raissyah got married just yesterday (Saturday, 6th June) to Rezal Khairi Ahmad, the CEO of local firm NanoMalaysia Berhad.

Felixia Yeap Wedding
Source: MMO

Raisyyah also officially announced that she was married via her official Facebook page, complete with a set of pictures from the happy ocassion. The blushing bride revealed that she did her own makeup and that her friends of more than a decade were in attendance as her bridesmaids.

Check out the pictures in the gallery below:

*Pictures from Raisyyah Rania Yeap’s official Facebook page.

Congratulations, Raissyah. You look absolutely beautiful! Here’s to many, many years of wedded bliss ahead 🙂


Source: Raisyyah Rania Yeap’s Facebook page, MMO / Featured image from MMO.

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