As most of you might already know, K-Pop idol boy group BIGBANG swept the charts last month with their impressive, long-awaited comeback, and it looks like they’re still on their streak!

The details of their #BBMADE comeback are as follows:

Starting with “M” on May 1st, M, A, D, and E projects will be released monthly till complete “MADE” album is out on September. Each project contains more than one track, and MADE SERIES “M” will be out in 2 different versions; M ver. & m ver.


“MADE Series M” included tracks such as “Bae Bae” as well as the slower tempo-ed “Loser“.

BIGBANG We Like 2 Party

And now, with the release of their “MADE Series A”, the BIGBANG members unveiled 2 new tracks – “Bang Bang Bang” and more recently, “We Like 2 Party”. “Bang Bang Bang” was released during a livestream event, where VIPs (as BIGBANG fans are lovingly known) watched as the boys announced it via portal site Naver at 11pm. KST.

Ahead of the “We Like 2 Party” music video release, it was made known that BIGBANG actually drank alcohol during filming for the music video of their new song, “We Like 2 Party”.

In fact, their rep was quoted as saying, “We wanted to portray a more natural vibe, and after much consideration we thought it would be better to do a video that captures the true feeling of the song rather than have them act it out. So (BIGBANG) drank in the studio and then filmed the video. Fans will therefore get to see a more relaxed BIGBANG than normal in the video.”

BIGBANG We Like 2 Party MV Shoot

BIGBANG also gave an explanation for the music video of “We Like 2 Party”:

We have always put a lot of effort into our videos, but this time we wanted to do something that was more cute and innocent, something that showed our natural sides. You can expect this to be different from our other videos, it will show us looking more normal and not dressed up.


During the broadcast, T.O.P also admitted to having had around 4 cans of beer.

“We Like 2 Party” is a sure-win chirpy summertime party track that’s pretty much the complete opposite of “Bang Bang Bang”, “Loser”, and “Bae Bae”. If you missed the “feel good” songs that BIGBANG used to produce circa 2009 – 2011, then you’re going to absolutely love this song. Heck, you might even want to put this one on repeat should you ever host a party of your own 😉

Watch the “We Like 2 Party” music video below:

And that’s not all 😉

There’s also the super cute M! Countdown live “We Like 2 Party” performance. Check it out:

Like it? Think it’s cute? Get the song off iTunes here.

For more information on BIGBANG, hit up their Facebook page.

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