We could be seeing Michael Scofield back on television again because Fox might be developing a limited series of the popular TV show, “Prison Break”.

The revival would see a reunion between stars Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell, who portrayed brothers in the series.

Source: theplace2
Source: theplace2

“Prison Break” is an action crime thriller that centres on the life of 2 brothers, Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows. Burrows is an innocent man who was sentenced to jail for a crime he did not commit; while Scofield is a genius who comes up with an idea to break his brother out of prison, but one which requires him to goes into prison as well. It ran for 4 seasons, from August 2005 before coming to an end in May 2009.


Not much details regarding the new limited series were revealed, but TV Line reported that the project would be along the lines of 2014’s “24: Live Another Day”, with at least 6 episodes planned for production. The miniseries will present a close-ended ending, to make sure that all questions and complications in the story will be answered and resolved.

However, the project is in its infancy stage and nothing has been confirmed.

Source: US Magazine
Source: US Magazine

In January, Miller told E! Online that he has already pitched the idea of a comeback to Fox.

He said:

To go back and do something like we did at the end of season 4, where there were those 2 standalone episodes were Sarah was in trouble; it was like a hidden chapter, we didn’t know this, but we’re going to share this with you, wouldn’t it be cool to go back and layer 1 of those things in. Like another standalone chapter, this is what you didn’t see before. Or a where are they now, it’s 5 years later, limited series kind of thing. I think that’d be really cool.

We actually floated the idea to Fox very casually and they seemed very not casual about this interest. They seemed to think there was something there. We haven’t reached out to anyone just yet. It’s just baby steps at this point, early stages.

Purcell also added:

It’s something that Fox is, as Wentworth said, potentially excited about.


Do you think the series revival will be a hit with audience again? How do you think the producers will expand the storyline? Let us know what you think in the comments box below.

Source: TV Line, E! Online

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