This year, the saga continues.” *Cues heavy Darth Vader breathing sound*

Bet you thought we were talking about “Star Wars“, eh? Well, it’s actually “Ted 2” that we’re talking about.

The comedy film, which will centre around the foul-mouth and crude teddy bear, has released a new trailer that acknowledges the highly anticipated sci-fi adventure film, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens“.

Source: HD Wallpapers
Source: HD Wallpapers

While the 1st official trailer revolved around Ted’s plight to be legalised as a human, the latest trailer portrays more of their misadventures, this time with his lawyer, Samantha Leslie Jackson, thrown into the mix. More laughs are sure to ensue as the pair of “thunder buddies for life”, made up of John Bennett and Ted, tries their best to help each other but ends up messing things up.

Source: slashfilm
Source: slashfilm

“Ted 2” finally sees Ted tying the knot with his human girlfriend, Tami-Lynn McCafferty, and living a blissful married life. The newlywed couple are trying for a baby but there’s a problem – the court does not see Ted as a human being who is capable of being a father. Faced with no other way, Ted prepares to go to court in order to be recognised as a human.

Seth MacFarlane, who wrote and directed the movie, will be returning to voice Ted. The movie will also see Mark Wahlberg and Jessica Barth reprising their respective roles as Bennett and McCafferty, while Amanda Seyfried will be appearing for the 1st time in the series as Samantha Leslie Jackson. The movie, a sequel to the popular 2012 film, “Ted“, is a joint venture between Universal Studios and Media Rights Capital.

We’ll leave you with the trailer here:

“Ted 2” will reach Malaysian cinemas on 25th June 2015.

Source: slashfilm

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