“Daylight to me is a miracle that happens every day, and brings happiness to everyone. That moment after leaving a club show or a festival and watching the beautiful sunrise with your friends and loved ones and having that revived feeling after a night of amazing company and music.” – Andrew Rayel

When 2014 saw the release of Andrew Rayel’s awe-inspiring studio album, we knew that it wouldn’t be the last we’d see of him. And we were right, because now, approximately one year later, “Find Your Harmony” returns in a deluxe version.

Andrew Rayel Find Your Harmony Deluxe Edition


This special edition of Andrew Rayel’s outstanding album debut features 2 brand new originals by the top notch producer himself, and no less than 20 stunning remixes of some of his best tunes to date. With magnificent takes on legendary originals by a marvelous selection of artists, including Dannic, Omnia, Orjan Nilsen, MaRLo, Alexander Popov, and many more, “Find Your Harmony (Deluxe)” makes fans delirious once again.

One such track you can expect to be hearing from the deluxe edition is none other than the newly released “Daylight”, which features the captivating vocals of Jonny Rose. With “Daylight”, the Moldovan producer delivers another stunning tune, the reason you’re coming out of bed each morning, in more ways than one.


Whatever the future holds in store for Andrew Rayel, we can be sure that “Find Your Harmony” is only a piece of the puzzle. We’re expecting a lot more epic stuff from the Moldovan mastermind, so you better keep an ear out for new material. Because after all, that’s where you’ll find your ultimate harmony.

Don’t forget to check out our exclusive interview with Andrew Rayel here!

For more information, visit Andrew Rayel’s website or Facebook page.

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