If you happen to stumble upon “Kung Fury” on YouTube, we can assure you that you are not on the weird side of the Internet again. Instead, it’s your lucky day because you’ve just stumbled upon one of the greatest action movies of all time. That is, according to the Internet too, of course.

All thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, “Kung Fury” has been made available online, allowing fans to stream it for free on YouTube. The movie will take you on a journey back to a time when CGI still doesn’t exist and when Michael Jackson was still the King of Pop.

Kung Fury


Produced and directed by Swedish visual effects artist and music video director David Sandberg, the 80s-inspired action short film is insanely imaginative albeit ridiculous at times. When the first trailer made its debut online, it became an instant cult classic as eager fans helped Sandberg raise funds for the film through a Kickstarter program.

Lo and behold, it managed to raise over $630,019 from over 17,000 eager donors, only falling short of the feature film goal of $1 million.

Nonetheless, the over-the-top action comedy managed to premiere at Cannes last month. In fact, David Hasselhoff participated in the movie by contributing the movie’s retro-themed soundtrack, “True Survivor”.

It’s not a bad movie per se, because Sandberg basically crammed all the generic elements from the 80s-styled cop movie genre into one epic action-packed 30-minute short film. The sci-fi-adventure-comedy even stars Sandberg himself as Kung Fury, a “super kung fu cop” who travels from the 80s to the 40s to eliminate Adolf Hitler and end the Nazi regime for good. His heroic escapades would then end in a climatic showdown that features almost everything from T-Rex to Norse gods to murderous arcade-game robots.

Ironically, Sandberg doesn’t actually know any kung fu. However, you’re still going to enjoy watching this movie as much as we do.



So, what do you think of “Kung Fury”? Is it the best action movie you’ve ever seen?

Share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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