40-year-old artiste Enrique Iglesias’ fingers were left bloody during his Tijuana show in Mexico recently because a camera-carrying drone sliced his fingers.

The concert, held at a bullfighting ring, was attended by about 12,000 people – all of whom witnessed the mishap. Enrique was bleeding noticeably after making contact with the drone, but he continued the show after drawing a heart in blood on his shirt. His publicist Joe Bonilla posted photos on social media of Enrique with blood all over his white T-shirt.

According to the singer’s rep, during the show a drone is used to get crowd shots and some nights, Enrique would grab the drone to give the audience a “Point of View” shot. However, something went wrong and he had an accident.

After which, the Latin heartthrob went to the side of the stage, received treatment, and continued performing for another 30 minutes despite the bleeding. He was later rushed to the airport where an ambulance met him and then put on a plane to LA to see a specialist.

Enrique is now recovering after the incident.


The show was part of his “Sex and Love World Tour”.

His next show is in July in Mexico City.

Source: The Wrap.

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