On 30th May, rumours of f(x) member Victoria allegedly planning to terminate her contract with SM Entertainment surfaced.

This was further highlighted by TV Report’s 31st May article, which suggested SM Entertainment has established a private workshop for the K-pop idol and actress in China, and that the purpose for the workshop was to provide support for Song while she engaged in promotional activities in the region.

f(x) Red Light music video teaser


It further sparked rumours that she could be leaving the K-Pop idol girl group to pursue activities in China. As such, fans fiercely reacted to the rumours, considering the fact that not too long ago, SM Entertainment was embroiled in the drama surrounding former EXO-M members Kris and Luhan, on top of EXO-M Tao’s ongoing negotiations with the agency.

However, a rep from her agency quickly released a press statement to slam the allegations, denying rumours that Victoria was annulling her contract. They clarified that Victoria has never requested a cancellation of her contract, the rumors are not at all true, and that she’s not thinking of leaving SM Entertainment.

fx Victoria

They went on to say:

As part of the policy of a localization of SM business, we decided to use the workshop policy and will be building a workshop in China for Victoria like for EXO’s Chinese member Lay. The workshop is part of SM, and SM and Victoria will continue the management contract. SM will work our best to support Victoria’s Chinese activities and make sure she grows effectively.

As such, Victoria is expected to continue her exclusive contract with SM Entertainment, who will continue to support her activities.

Sources: TV Report, akp.

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