Disclosure’s back!

Disclosure fans who weren’t too pleased with the club-geared “Bang That” can rejoice in knowing that their latest release “Holding On” featuring Gregory Porter, finds the brothers back to their old habits.

Over the past few days, Disclosure have been posting pictures of Gregory Porter with the distinct “Disclosure face” plastered atop his own with not much information to go on until yesterday, where they revealed that it was all done in efforts to promote the first official single off their new album.


Disclosure infuses a different type of soul into their music with “Holding On” as it features Porter’s bluesy vocals. Infections and highly addictive, this latest track by Disclosure holds the same bustling garage production work that put them on the map, but the brothers still manage to keep things fresh and fun.

Listen to “Holding On” below:

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via Dancing Astronaut / Featured image via Disclosure’s Facebook page

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