“Daddy’s got to go to work”

Besides, how can the next installment of the high-octane “Fast & Furious” film series go on without one of its brawniest key characters, Hobbs (played by The Rock)? According to Collider, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has confirmed that he’s officially on board for the next “Fast & Furious”, as of now known as “Furious 8”.

Fast & Furious Dwayne Johnson


He sort of announced it at a press conference, when he had simply answered the question of whether or not he’d be in “Furious 8” with:

Of course. It can’t go on without Hobbs.

And that’s not all! Since he’s such a key part of the film series, it sparked rumours of a Hobb-centred spinoff film.

When asked to address the possibility of the spinoff film, he simply said:

We all are interested in it. I just had a big conversation with the studio. So we’ll see. I still think for me personally we’ve created a little bit of space for him in 7 and the gauge is set for what the audience will want. That’s my take on it, you know, but a lot of other people have to have input.

Welp, in his words, we’ll see 😉

Fast and Furious 6

For now, “Furious 8” is set to be released on 14th April 2017.


There has been no further details e.g. cast, director, plot, etc. yet but we’ll be honest enough to go ahead and say that we’re tres excited about this one because Vin Diesel previously hinted about the possibility of having the 8th instalment of the franchise to be set in New York city.

Source: Collider.

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