Already spawning a sequel and a remake in 1988, “The Blob” will return to terrorise audience again via a new remake.

This time around, Samuel L. Jackson will be enhancing your movie-watching experience as he has been officially cast in the movie. It is confirmed that he will be playing a biochemistry professor who is “attempting to thwart the other-worldly predator discovered deep within the earth”, but no details beyond that were revealed.

Source: breitbart
Source: breitbart

While the original classic was categorised as a horror film, the 1988 version was remade into a sci-fi thriller. It is unknown if the latest still-in-progress remake will be classified as one of the above, or a completely different genre. It is also possible that the future remake will be reinvented from scratch, as in the case of the remake of “Jem and the Holograms” where the title being the only thing related to the 1958 movie.


Simon West, who was credited as the director in action films such as “Expendables 2” and “The Mechanic”, will be helming the remake of “The Blob”, with Goldcrest Films being the appointed film production company.

West said:

I have been waiting to work with Samuel L. Jackson my whole career. He is a unique talent in the industry, definitely one of a kind. I am so pleased that we will finally get to collaborate on this project.

The movie will begin its principal photography in America this fall. No other actor has signed on to the movie yet, but “subsequent casting announcements are anticipated to follow”.

Source: nationalmcmuseum
Source: nationalmcmuseum

Jack Harris, producer of the original film, will be producing the new remake along with Richard Saperstein, Judith Parker Harris, Taewon Chung, and Brian Witten.

Jackson was last seen in blockbuster movies “Kingsman: The Secret Service” and “Avengers: Age of Ultron“. The actor has also been rumoured to star in the sequel of “The Incredibles“, which will be directed by Brad Bird.

No release date of the movie has been set yet.


What do you think? Should the remake stay true to the original, or come off as a fresh adaptation? Leave your thoughts in the comments box below!

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