Britney and Iggy dance up a storm.

Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea‘s “Pretty Girls” music video sure is out of this world. Of course, we only say that because the video starts off with Iggy Iggs as an alien hooked on having a good time, with Britney as her tour guide who takes her out for a wild time.


Rather hilarious, the video sees Iggy crash-landing in an unfamiliar location and decade while Britney remains undaunted by the invasion. Upon Iggy’s invasion, Britney gives the newcomer a makeover before they both recklessly drive around in a yellow jeep.


The duo end up at a car wash, where Iggy rigs an ATM while Britney performs her classic music video dance choreography.


Though the video is a little fast paced and messy at some parts, an extended comedy bit allows the “Fancy” rapper to show off her Valley Girl accent before the “Pretty Girls” move to the club, where Britney performs even more dance moves before her girl, Iggy’s mothership arrives in time for the finale.

We must say though, there’s a lot of dancing by Britney in the video, which is great for diehard fans. 😉

Check out the video for “Pretty Girls” below:

via Billboard

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