Steve Aoki gets in on the documentary game.

It’s time we accept the fact that Steve Aoki has reached international stardom in a way few electronic music superstars have in the past. Although he has been heavily criticised for his emphasis on creating a wild party instead of churning out an immersive and extraordinary musical experience during his live performances, it is without a doubt that the Dim Mak boss has been hugely successful in building one of EDM’s strongest brands.

Source: Steve Aoki- Facebook
Source: Steve Aoki- Facebook

The announcement of Aoki splitting his highly anticipated “Neon Future” album into two parts, built an even stronger case and support for Aoki’s fame. The capability to release two albums in less than a year of each other, each filled with intense electro-heavy vocal cuts, is indisputably impressive.


Agreeing with this fact is none other than Relativity Media, as they’ve officially obtained the rights to the DJ/producer’s upcoming documentary “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”, which will launch exclusively at the Cannes International Film Festival this week.

The documentary will follow Aoki’s journey through the anticipation that leads up to one of his biggest shows ever. “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” will also cover other sensitive and taboo topics for Aoki, including a special highlight on his family’s famous “Benihana” business.

Source: Steve Aoki- Facebook
Source: Steve Aoki- Facebook

While many DJs have tried their hand at creating an appealing story for their brand through documentaries, Aoki’s venture into the new media arena is supported by film moguls to help take the project to a new level. With producers Matthew Weaver and David Gelb, the same duo that recently worked on the “Jiro Dreams Of Sushi” documentary, on board his project, it’s obvious that Aoki isn’t messing around.

As of now, publicly available details of the film have not been released so stay tuned as we will continue to update you once we’ve garnered more information.

We leave you today with Steve Aoki’s “Heaven On Earth” featuring Sherry St. Germain, a track of his “Neon Future II” album.

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Source: Dancing Astronaut 

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