After releasing the mind-boggling “Kontrol” music video, INFINITE‘s leader Kim Sunggyu has also debuted the music video for “It Has to Be You (너여야만 해)”.

Fans of the singer were shocked by the abruptness as he released the 2 music videos back-to-back.

Source: inagist
Source: inagist

The music video for “It Has to Be You (너여야만 해)” is a simplistic video with stripped down vocals and minimal instrumental to amplify Sunggyu’s sorrowful voice. The first half of the music video is shown in black and white, while the second half has a brownish filter to it. The purpose of this technique is to portray the grief suffered by the singer.


Short but powerful lyrics such as “I want you back” and “it has to be you” are echoed throughout the song, conveying raw emotions from the vocalist to the audience.

Not only did Zooey and Kim Jong Wan (of Nell fame) wrote the lyrics, but they also composed and arranged the song.

Enjoy the music video here:

Which song do you prefer, “Kontrol” or “It Has to Be You (너여야만 해)”? Leave your thoughts in the comments box below.

Sources: Woollim Entertainment YouTube, soompi

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