Redondo is ready to conquer the clubbing world with their fresh and funky deep and tech-house sounds. Despite being young, these guys have been gathering experience in the industry for over 4 years, releasing music on the best record labels out there during these early career years.

The Redondo duo, comprising of Freek Geuze and Johan Jacobse, have been on an ongoing mission to conquer the clubbing world with their fresh and funky tech-house sounds, and hot house bangers. Their quest for world domination has been a growing success with continuous gigs booked across Europe, Asia and the Americas.



Their name Redondo was chosen to complement their bodacious blend of deep, tech and house sounds that have become a firm favourite with fans worldwide.

When the lads aren’t busy gracing the decks of some of the best festivals, parties and clubs around the world, they make full use of their time releasing hot tunes on some the best record labels out there from day one of their inception. Just in the last few months, Redondo have been on a roll with their music releases. Their recent release, “Every Single Piece”, another stellar collaboration with Bolier, features the vocals of She Keeps Bees.

Laced with fetching guitar chords and dreamy vocals, the duo’s latest collaboration showcases their ability to cater to the masses and the avid music fan.

Source: Maurice Vinken / Kleurstof via
Source: Maurice Vinken / Kleurstof via

Redondo stand for just about everything in between house and techno but most of all, they stand for giving their audience nothing but the best. Their distinctive beats have gained huge support from a wide scope of top jocks in the likes of Mark Knight, Roger Sanchez and Fedde Le Grand to Laurent Garnier, Richie Hawtin, and Dubfire.

It’s safe to say that the lads are more than ready to take things to the next level. Now, it’s time for their star to shine in Kuala Lumpur amongst some of our local heroes. But before that, we had the opportunity to interview the Redondo boys real quick prior to their “ADSC Grooves with Redondo” show at Nagaba this week.


Here’s what went down:

Musically, you had trance in your roots but now Redondo is putting out a lot of tech house. What inspired that shift?


We play house music in local clubs, but in the studio we basically produce anything we want. So if you look back into our personal discography, you can see a lot of trance stuff back in the days, like 15 years ago. We wanted to make music we played so we could combine our DJ and producer persona. We always liked stuff from guys like StoneBridge, Junior Jack and a lot of other house music that come from back in the day. We tried to make music in that kind of sounds, and we shifted to more progressive stuff, not like progressive like today, but more like what Sasha was playing in the early 2000’s, and then in 2009, we heard Joris Voorn playing some very cool and groovy house disco-ish stuff at Amsterdam Dance Event. We thought it was time for a new project, and the project was Redondo! We picked that name because it was easy to pronounce in the English language and Spanish language. And now we are here.

Is this the dance music genre that you’re most comfortable with, in the sense that this is something that you’d be sticking to for a long time to come, or are you still experimenting?

I think in 2009, we said to each other, “Yeah this is it!” This is exactly what we want, and it is a broad genre. If you play an early set, you can play groovier sounds and it’s the same if we closed the night. It’s like our set last week in Holland, we played at a festival where the people are more techno-minded. We can close with groovier tech house and even some techno records. You can fit everything as long as it is between 120 and 125 bpm, you can do very interesting things with many genres, as long as it is groovy house beats, we are good!

Having experienced working on music from different ends of the dance music spectrum, what would you say are some of the biggest differences between trance fans and house/tech house fans?

I think the difference is the need for melodies. For trance, there is a big need for epicness and melodies. It is more based on classical music with a big breakdown and emotional aspects in it, and in house music it’s more about the groove and the good vibes. For example if you make a pop or trance record, we start it with a melody or anthem, but when we make house music we start with a groove, about eight seconds of groove and we will add other elements to it. When it is completely the way we want it. We will start to put it into shape and finish the recording.


Aside from listening to the genre/type of music that you have to work on, what are some of the other genres that you listen to? Do you have any guilty listening pleasures?

I sometimes really love indie-pop, happy music like French artiste, Petite Meller’s track, “Baby Love”. The track is just perfect; I’m actually making a bootleg of it currently. It’s just something you wouldn’t expect from one of our sets, but when music has a good vibe or happy vibe, it’s just good music to me. It doesn’t matter that we are DJ’s in a specific genre or something, it’s just good music! Or like when Pharrell made “Happy“, before it went big, I loved that track already and was wondering why it wasn’t on the American Charts, and it later on became huge! Holland was one of the countries that had the track at the top of the charts and also on constant replay through the radio stations. And that’s an example of a track that you can’t really hate on. It’s cool and positive, and that’s the most important thing in music.

You’ve recently released a track with Bolier under Spinnin’ Deep. What else is in the pipeline for Rendondo for the rest of 2015? Another EP or an album, maybe?

No album yet, maybe for the future! We will be doing a few new tracks on Spinnin’ Records, but we’re checking on which one to do first. The follow up with Bolier is almost ready, and we have a solo track as well but we are still clearing some samples and replaying some samples from old records, and we have some remixes coming up too, one of it is a cover “Finally” by Kings of Tomorrow. We made a deep and mysterious remix of that tune. Looking forward to get that one out! We are also focusing on a more tech-house piece, with three big groove on it, not like every single piece is more of an anthem, with a chorus, guitar and a singer. We play many uplifting tech house tracks as we want to release one of those beats again as well, so not sure if that will be on Spinnin’ but maybe on our own label called Witty Tunes, so maybe that will be on our own imprint.

Thank you to our friends from After Dark Social Club (ADSC) for arranging this interview for us 😉

Don’t forget to check Redondo out at Nagaba on 15th May (Friday)! Deets are as follows:

  • Date: 15th May (Friday)
  • Time: 11pm onwards
  • Venue: Nagaba, 31, Jalan Mesui, 50200 KL
  • Admission: RM40 (inc 1 drink) before midnight |RM50 (inc 1 drink) 12am onwards

We’ll leave you now with one of Redondo’s latest releases, “Every Single Piece” featuring Leon Bolier and She Keeps Bees:

Don’t forget to grab your copy on Beatport!

For more information on Redondo, hit up their Facebook page.

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