Tsks, some fangirling recently got out of control at our Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) immigration!

According to TMI, citing Chinese daily Guang Ming Daily, a starstruck female Immigration officer at KLIA apparently refused to let members of a South Korean-American rock band (Royal Pirates, perhaps?) through the checkpoint after they declined to pose for pictures with her. Not only did she refuse, she also became angry when they said no to posing for a photograph with her.

Royal Pirates in KL


To be fair, the 10-man entourage band only refused her request because they were rushing for their flight to Seoul. Needless to say, the band manager was shocked when told that they would not be allowed through if the officer’s request was not met.

The Malaysian music label manager in charge of the band’s promotional tour here said she was told about the incident by the band’s manager on Monday night. Miselyn Lem Yee Siew of Universal Music Group Chinese said the officer had told the band manager that she wanted to take photos with the band members but her request was denied.

As such, the manager then brought the group to another immigration lane, which was manned by a male officer, and the group was allowed through.

KLIA Departure

Miselyn also added that she hoped the immigration authorities would take measures to prevent such incidents from happening again as this would tarnish the country’s image.

A KLIA immigration officer said the incident would be investigated.

Sources: TMI, FMT / Featured image from moeamine.

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