Watch out, music lovers, because global music service TIDAL is now available in Malaysia!

Although newly launched, TIDAL offers 25 million songs and over 75,000 high quality videos, high fidelity sound quality, expertly curated content and editorial, and unique user experiences. TIDAL gives its members access to exclusive music, videos, tickets, merchandise and experiences that you can’t find anywhere else.



TIDAL has 2 pricing tiers: either MYR 14.90 or MYR 29.80 a month.

Both pricing levels come with the same access to exclusive content and experiences, and the MYR 29.80 tier has the added benefit of high fidelity sound, delivering the music to your ears the way the artists and producers intended it to be heard. There is no compression of the files, and the music is CD-level quality.

This is because TIDAL uses a high-fidelity streaming protocol that boasts better sound quality. And while artistes, particularly Taylor Swift, have complained that rival service Spotify doesn’t fairly compensate artistes, insiders have said that TIDAL is “going to be Robin Hood, the first minority-owned, artist-friendly streaming service”.

The playlists on TIDAL are tailor-made, curated by a world-class editorial team and not by a computer algorithm. Members will also get access to exclusive playlists created by artistes, journalists, and the like, which will give you a look into their world and experience the music that they listen to and love.

Wanna give it a test run? The service is ad-free and available here, or you can download the TIDAL app from the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store.

Meanwhile, connect with TIDAL via its official website or Facebook page. TIDAL is also on Twitter as well as Instagram.

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