The saga hasn’t ended.

After making a few changes on his Weibo account, EXO‘s Tao has now left a mysterious message on Instagram.



A few days ago, Tao changed his location and background photo on Weibo. His location was originally stated as “Overseas”, however, it has been changed to “Qingdao”. The background photo, which was previously a photo of EXO’s fanclub lightstick, has been switched to a photo of a silhouette, believed to be Tao’s.

Yesterday, the singer removed the “EXO” from his Instagram profile name, and it displayed “Z.TAO-黄子韬” instead of “EXO-TAO黄子韬”.

Source: soompi
Source: soompi

2 weeks ago, several reports surfaced on the Chinese media stating that Tao was leaving EXO. However, SM Entertainment blatantly denied the rumours.

If Tao leaves EXO, it will not be an unprecedented and isolated case as 2 ex-Chinese members have deserted the group. In June 2014, ex-leader of EXO-MKris, left the group to concentrate on his acting career in China while in October, ex-member Luhan filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment in a bid to terminate his contract.

Although there were no official announcements from SM Entertainment or Tao, the puzzling messages seemed to indicate that the artiste will also be leaving the South Korean entertainment powerhouse.

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Sources: soompi (1) (2)

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