Emily Thorne’s Amanda Clarke’s quest for vengeance is over. ABC is pulling the plug on soap drama “Revenge” after 4 seasons.

Warning: Spoiler alert, do not read further if you don’t want to know details of episodes that you haven’t watched.

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The series, which stars Emily VanCamp as a woman plotting against a Hamptons family to avenge the death of her father, will exit with its planned 10th May season finale. In fact, ABC has already begun promoting the “final episodes” of the drama, and has already killed off one of its 2 lead characters, matriarch Victoria Grayson, played by Madeleine Stowe.

“Revenge” made a splash in its 2011 debut was a buzzy hit in its first season, has since declined sharply, averaging 6.6 million viewers this season. That’s down 22% among all viewers (and 28% among young adults) from last year, when it had also been in danger of cancellation.

Revenge Cast
The cast of ABC’s “Revenge” just hanging out (Source: Emily Vancamp’s Twitter)

Executive producer Sunil Nayar told EW:

We’ve been talking to the network and we all just wanted to make sure that we felt very confident. Now that everybody has seen the finale – which is fabulous – everybody understands that as much as we all adore the show, it has hit exactly the mark it needed to to end. This is the series finale of “Revenge” that will be airing in a couple weeks.

While Nayar promises closure for the fans, he also confirmed that there’ll be a tiny cliffhanger in the series finale, Season 4 episode 23’s “Two Graves”. This is because the showmakers doesn’t want peope to get “weary of the stories they’re telling”.

Thus, they felt like viewers deserve an ending to this “novel” that Mike Kelley started 4 years ago.

Source: facebook.com/RevengeABC
Source: facebook.com/RevengeABC

Of course, fans already suspected that the show was coming to an end this season as Emily Thorne aka Amanda Clarke (played by Emily VanCamp) came about as close as she could to realising her original plan for vengeance against the Grayson family. However, Victoria Grayson (played by Madeleine Stowe) killed herself and framed Emily in a last ditch effort to win the battle between them – an act that has landed Emily in jail as the series inches toward the end.

Upon the announcement of the shocking abrupt end of “Revenge”, Emily Vancamp took to her Twitter to thank all her adoring fans.


She said:

Source: Emily Vancamp's Twitter
Source: Emily Vancamp’s Twitter

Remember Aiden (played by Barry Sloane)?

Oh you know, Aiden Mathis, the one who was Emily’s boyfriend and a student with her under Satoshi Takeda. He was basically the love of Emily’s life (Jack, not withstanding) until he met his death at the hands of Victoria Grayson, who poisons him and later suffocates him.

He too, took to Twitter to thank the show’s fans:

Now the real question is whether Emily will meet her maker as the series comes to a close.

Considering the finale is titled “Two Graves” – a reference to the Confucius proverb – it seems likely that the show’s protagonist won’t get a happy ending. Nayar revealed that there will be epic emotional moments in the finale because really shocking things are going to happen!

What happens next? Or rather, what do you want to happen next? Will “Revenge” end with Emily Thorne’s Amanda Clarke’s death? Which character will you miss most? We can tell you straight up that we’ll miss “Ems” and Nolan. Feel free to discuss this in the comments box below!

The series finale will air 10th May (Sunday) at 10pm ET on ABC.

Sources: EW, USA Today.

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