After making a surprise announcement that B2ST’s Hyunseung will be making a solo debut, Cube Entertainment updated the group’s official Facebook page with the announcement of his title track and album track list.

The company revealed that Hyunseung’s 1st solo mini album will be titled “My”, with “니가 처음이야 (You’re My First)” chosen as the title track.

Source: B2ST Facebook
Source: B2ST Facebook

The album will focus on the singer’s diverse vocal capability, which unfortunately, has been overshadowed by his talent in dancing. A total of 6 tracks will be included in the album, which aims to present his growth as an artiste after 6 years in the industry.


The 1st number, “It’s Me”, is a groovy song that announces Hyunseung’s arrival as a solo artiste.

Up-and-coming rapper Giri Boy is featured in the title track, which has a strong hip-hop sound combined with touches of funky trap beats. It is produced by Black Eye Pilseung.

jang hyun seung beast b2st
Source: B2ST Facebook

“걔랑 헤어져 (Break Up With Him)” is written by well-known producer KUSH and it features rapper Tokki. The hip-hop and R&B fusion track will show off Hyunseung’s smooth yet sharp vocal.

The album also contains 2 rated-19 tracks. The first one is the slow R&B track, “사랑한다고 (I Love You)”, which contains shocking and powerful lyrics that bring out Hyunseung’s mature side. Meanwhile, “야한 농담 (Explicit Jokes)” is a song which encompasses a couple’s secretive and flirtatious jokes into its lyrics. “You look pretty even if you come out without dressing up,” the lyrics of  “나와 (Come Out)” will express Hyunseung’s shy yet lovely confession to a girl.

“My” will be released on 8th May through various online music sites.

Source: soompi, The B2uty Notes

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