Yang Hyun Suk, the founder and CEO of YG Entertainment, expressed interest in working with BIGBANG again even after their contract ends next year.

After wrapping up the 2nd night of BIGBANG’s “MADE” World Tour in Seoul, the CEO held a press conference to talk about contract expiration and military service. He spoke fondly of the group, telling press members that he would like to work with the group again for the next 9 years.

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He stated:


I get scolded a lot by fans because I don’t make albums often enough for BIGBANG, but I do think I kept one promise. In our country, boy groups only last about 4 to 5 years for the most part. That’s because of the contract duration. I made a promise to make a long-running team because Seo Taiji and Boys didn’t last very long. This year is BIGBANG’s 9th year. I can’t make a promise, but if it were up to me, I would want to be with BIGBANG for the next 9 years as well, no matter what I have to do. They are “dongsaengs” (which means younger brothers in Korean) that I really like, artists that I like, and kids that I want to stay with.

The CEO also spoke up about BIGBANG’s plans for army enlistment during the press conference.

Source: kpopviral
Source: kpopviral

In South Korea, all able-bodied males are required to attend 2 years of mandatory military service. However, he assured fans that they will not be seeing the last of BIGBANG.

He said:

This concert is not BIGBANG’s last concert. There are many people worrying about BIGBANG going into the army, but they are kids that I have no worries for, even if they leave for their service. T.O.P. is currently attending university, so there are no plans to enlist until next year.

Another album will be released this year. The army is definitely something you have to do, but they each have strong abilities as solo artists. Even if 1 member goes to the army, they are still BIGBANG. Even if 2 members go to the army, they are still BIGBANG. They will continue to protect their name as BIGBANG and they plan to consistently promote through solo and unit activities. I hope they become a group that grows old with the fans for 9 more years… I believe BIGBANG will be forever as long as they make good music.

He further added that all 5 members will not be enlisting at the same time. He believes that the group will prove popular even after their conscription because their “biggest competitive edge is the impact of their solo activities”.

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BIGBANG will hold a concert in Malaysia as part of their “MADE World Tour” on 25th July at Putra Indoor Stadium.


For more information, visit their official Facebook and Twitter page.

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