Dvbbs ditches their big room progressive sound for a more chill out vibe.

If you’re expecting massive drops on “Always,” the brand-new track from EDM duo Dvbbs, then we’re sorry to break it to you but you’re not getting any of that.

Instead, what you will get is a rather light song with bouncy synths and danceable beats, topped by a female’s voice.

SOURCE: Dvbbs - Facebook
SOURCE: Dvbbs – Facebook

Accompanying the single is a video following brothers Chris and Alex Andre as they live the ultimate rockstar lifestyle. The video follows the brother across the world as they pump up crowds with their crazy live sets, visit exotic locales, and just have a ball of fun in Thailand, Australia, Switzerland and Albania.

Known for their outrageous live sets and massive drops as well as hit singles such as “We Were Young” and “Tsunami”  featuring Borgeous, Dvbbs takes on a much cooler vibe with this brand new track.

Definitely a breath of fresh air from the duo, “Always” gives out a chill out tropical vibe that makes the track incredibly addictive.

Check out the video for “Always” below:

Keep up to Dvbbs’ crazy lifestyle via these platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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