An 8th “Fast & Furious” film? Of course you knew this was going to happen, and there’s no way you could’ve stopped it from happening even if you wanted to.

“One last ride,” after all, is just a metaphor that means “just kidding there’s still some fuel in the tank and the tires are in pretty good condition”. What also helps, of course, is that “Furious 7” currently sits as the 7th highest-grossest film of all time (worldwide) and is still in theatres.

Furious 7 Kurt Russell


The high-octance film even broke every single box office record in Malaysia. Imagine that!

The announcement was made by the man Vin Diesel himself at Cinema Con, who is calling it “Furious 8”. Earlier this month, the actor said that the new movie would be set in New York City — which is to say, we’re gonna see a Dodge Challenger jump over Lady Liberty herself

No director has been announced as of yet but we sure as heck wouldn’t mind if Malaysian-born director James Wan takes this on once again.

As seen above, “Furious 8” is set to be released on 14th April 2017. Truth be told, we can’t wait!

We’ll leave you now with the absolutely heartwrenching “Furious 7” tribute song for the late Paul Walker, “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth.



Source: The Verge.

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