Ever since Marvel announced that “Spider-Man” will be a part of their cinematic universe, there has only been one question on everyone’s minds, “Who is going to take up the role of the titular character?

Earlier in February, news leaked that “The Maze Runner” and “Percy Jackson” stars Dylan O’Brien and Logan Lerman were the frontrunners to play the character. However, after 2 months of stagnant news, The Wrap reported that several up-and-coming actors, Nat Wolff, Asa Butterfield, Tom Holland, Timothee Chalamet, and Liam James, amongst others, have been shortlisted to take up the coveted role.

Source: The Wrap

According to The Wrap, multiple sources stated that while Sony Pictures has not offered screen tests to the stars listed above, “they are the strong contenders” as they suit the look that the studio is looking for. The studio is reported to be looking for someone young, as they have plans for the character to return to high school.


Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios kept mum on the report so far as neither one of them would confirm the news.

Not familiar with the names? Fret not, we’ll give you a brief introduction of each actor:

nat wolff
Source: Just Jared

Nathaniel Marvin Wolff, or better known as Nat Wolff, is a 21 year old actor.

He portrayed Issac in the movie “The Fault in Our Stars” and is expected to shoot to stardom with the release of the theatrical adaptation of “Paper Towns“.

asa butterfield
Source: The Place

Asa Butterfield has been a child actor since he was 9, but only caught the eyes of the public when he was featured in “Hugo” as Hugo Cabret.

He went on to star in “Ender’s Game” as the main character Ender Wiggin. He is now 18 years old.

tom holland
Source: Pop Sugar

Even though he is relatively unknown at the time, 19-year-old Tom Holland was featured as minor characters in a few movies, namely “Arrietty”, “How I Live Now”, and “In the Heart of the Sea”.


He is best known for his portrayal as Lucas Bennett in “The Impossible”, a 2011 movie that is based on the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

Timothee Chalamet
Source: Comic Book Movie

Timothée Chalamet, born in 1995, is an American actor best known for starring in the TV series, “Homeland”. Chalamet is no stranger to the small screen, as he had taken up roles in “Law & Order” and “Royal Pains”.

He has also starred in multiple movies, including “Men, Women & Children” and “Interstellar“.

liam james
Source: Just Jared

Liam James, the 19-year-old regular from US TV series “The Killing” has made a reputation for himself by featuring in several films and TV series. His credits include “2012“, “Fringe”, and “The Way, Way Back”.

Drew Goddard was reported to be the director and scriptwriter of the film, however, the rumour remain unconfirmed. The movie will be a joint collaboration between Marvel and Sony. No additional details of the movie have been released, except for its release date, which falls on 28th July 2017.

Who do you think will be the best fit for the role of Spiderman? Leave your thoughts in the comments box below.

Source: The Wrap, Slash Film

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