Get well soon Stefan!

Over the last few years, the guys of Dada Life have endured some serious medical duo. The Swedish DJ/producer duo’s troubles first started in September 2014, Olle Cornéer was diagnosed with cancer, leaving Stefan Engblom to do the touring.

SOURCE: Dada Life - Facebook
SOURCE: Dada Life – Facebook

Unfortunately, Stefan also suffered from severe medical problems and underwent surgery to have his large-intestine removed. Despite the major operation, Stefan bounced back and continued on with Dada Life’s hectic tour schedule.


Now, over a year later, Stefan returned to the operating table to have part of his colon extracted by doctors. On April 16th (Thursday), Stefan took to Facebook to share a news about the major surgery , promising to update fans once he’s feeling better.

Keeping to his promise, Stefan has shared a picture (below) of himself on Facebook with the caption:

SOURCE: Dada Life - Facebook
SOURCE: Dada Life – Facebook

First time sitting up since surgery! #BornToRage Hurts like hell but feeling strong. Thank you to each and everyone for your support!

Despite their struggles the DJ/producer duo continue to remain strong, with perseverance inspiring fans and touching hearts globally. As off now, no cancellations for upcoming show has been made so it looks like Stefan will once again continue Dada Life’s tour with the new show in Munich on May 8th.

We sure do hope that is the last of surgeries for Stefan and we wish both him and Olle a speedy recovery.

We leave you today with Dada Life’s The Voyage Concert. Enjoy! 😉

Stay updated with Dada Life via their social platforms: Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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