Music keeps you going.

Let’s face it, motivation is the key to keeping you primed and focus when working out. Sure, sometimes the push and encouragement from a friend or trainer helps too, but it also boils down to you being able to focus on your own to achieve your dream weight/appearance or to simply keep fit.


From pushing and lifting heavy weights in the gym, to stretching and doing asanas during yoga to picking up the pace during a run or a fast-form of cardio workout, we’ve come up with 5 different playlists to help you get your heart rate rising and pumping.


They’re as follows:

1. Sweat-worthy R&B workout songs:

2. Power-up songs:

3. Songs for something a little more relaxing but just as intense:

4. To keep you pumped up:


5. Cool down:

There you have it – 5 different playlist created by the Hype Malaysia team to help keep you motivated during your workout.

Do share your fave workout tunes with us too by sounding off in the comments section 🙂

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