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Earlier in April, WhatsApp quietly rolled out its voice-calling feature for anyone who’s an Android smartphone user. At that time, WhatsApp founder Brian Acton said that the feature could reach iOS “in the near future” too but no exact date was given.

WhatsApp iOS


Now, we spy that the feature is starting to roll out to iOS users! We know this because an update to the iOS app hit the iTunes Store less than a day ago, indicating that you too will soon be able to call just about anyone using WhatsApp for free, regardless of where they are in the world. Of course, like most modern-day voice-calling features, it uses your internet connection (read: data) to complete these calls.

We haven’t personally seen the update ourselves yet but according to The Verge, the other big WhatsApp update is that it now plays nicely with iOS 8’s new sharing system, which means that you can share photos, videos, links, and other bits of info using the share button in other apps. Other new features include a quick access button to the camera and your camera roll and the ability to send multiple videos at once.

But let’s be honest – voice chat is the real killer new feature here.

WhatsApp iOS Voice Call Update

Note: No word on whether the WhatsApp update for iOS will also allow users to get on the web version of WhatsApp though.

You can update to the latest version of WhatsApp now, but you’ll have to be at least a little patient and wait for them to flip the switch on voice calls for your account because the cross-platform messaging service says it’ll roll out “slowly over the next few weeks”. So don’t throw a tantrum if you don’t have access to the feature just yet!

Patience is a virtue 😉

Source: The Verge.

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