Zayn Malik moves on with life.

The 22-year-old singer who quit One Direction not too long ago claims to be enjoying a quieter life after leaving the group as he is attempting to experience a normal life of his age. Zayn has taken to Twitter to share his first tweet since his sensational exit from the group, mid-way through the South East Asian leg of their current tour in March:

Source : eonline
Source : eonline

In a recent interview with The Sun, the English singer revealed that he has been spending time watching late-night movies, enjoying home-cooked food, singing karaoke, and hanging out with his fiancée, Perrie Edwards as well as friend and producer Naughty Boy.

Zayn was quoted saying:

All is good. I’m doing alright.

Zayn made his comments at Naughty Boy’s studio in London on Wednesday and arrived there in the evening looking “happy and relaxed,” reported the newspaper.

“He just wants to get out of the house and comes here,” Naughty Boy told The Sun. “He’s doing things that he hasn’t done for years. Coming to the studio is his way of chilling and he’s here with his friends.”


On Friday, Zayn attended the Asian Awards which was the first appearance he has made since his departure. Zayn is expected to launch a solo career as he was previously spotted at a recording studio after he left One Direction.


Source: eonline

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