Art Department part ways.

Known to be the busiest duo in the house and techno circuit, Toronto based DJ duo, Art Department, have announced a split after a five-year-long partnership. It was said that Kenny Glasgow will be leaving the duo to produce music under his own name while Jonny White will stay on to continue the project on his own.

Source: noiseporn
Source: noiseporn

Kenny Glasgow explained:


“This kind of a project is like a creative marriage and after five years we just feel like there’s more we need to do in other areas,”

From the announcement of their separation on Facebook, Jonny White mentioned that he will include Glasgow’s solo album release on his label No. 19 Music. Although, they’re not working together anymore, the duo will still remain friends as they’re parting on good terms.

Source : Facebook
Source : Facebook

They also revealed that they will be involved in a new non-profit project label – a social experiment which aims to raise money to keep safe and protect the wildlife in South Africa.

White also said in statement:

“Kenny has nearly completed his own solo body of work that I really believe in, and he should by all means pursue those goals. Of course Art Department is not the same Art Department without Kenny, that’s something that cannot be duplicated. It will take a new shape, but this is an exciting chapter for both of us as friends and artists.”

As sad as this news is, fans will still be able to catch Jonny and Kenny live for the last few times at EDC New York, EDC Las Vegas, Movement Detroit, Groovefest, and Tomorrowland in Brazil.

Till then, let’s enjoy Art Department’s “Catch You By Surprise”.


For more information, hit up their Facebook page.

Source: dancingastronaut , edmsauce/ featured image via mixmag

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