There’s nothing that Zedd can’t do or rather, there’s nothing that Zedd wouldn’t do, especially when it comes to his music.

Nevermind that during the process of working on his sophomore album, “True Colors”, his appearances with pop star Selena Gomez both inside as well as outside of the studio spurred rumours about them dating, the young DJ/producer just levelled up in terms of fashioning an out-of-this-world promotional campaign.

And by that, we mean really out-of-this-world.


Zedd True Colors

By now, you would’ve already caught wind about the Grammy-winning artiste’s surprise pop-up parties across the US, starting with a cave party in conjunction with SWSX in Austin, Texas. Zedd (real name Anton Zaslavski) sent his fans on a wild goose chase aka “Zeddventure” to score special invites to the party, where he would later premiere “Addicted To A Memory” following an intimate meet and greet. If that wasn’t crazy enough, get this – he recently surprised fans once again with a gig at Alcatraz.

Oh, you know the one, San Francisco’s infamous prison island turned National Park.

Source: People
Source: People

Note: Often referred to as “The Rock”, the small Alcatraz island was developed with facilities for a lighthouse, a military fortification, a military prison (1868), and a federal prison from 1933 until 1963.

Other than bringing 50 fans to the island, Zedd’s little “daring” pop-up party also included specially invited guests like world-famous skating pro Tony Hawk and his son, Spencer Hawk. The private “True Colors” bash saw the “Clarity” hitmaker (sans prison jumpsuit, of course) mingling with fans as well as sharing his music, particularly “Transmission”, which is his first track to feature a rap.

But more importantly, all of that took place in what used to be a prison. Does that not blow your mind?

Zedd Tony Hawk Alcatraz
Source: People


With still over a month to go until the release (“True Colors” is slated to be released on 19th May), we can expect far more extravagant events as the release date draws ever closer. Zedd is really taking the fan experience to the next level and we cannot wait to see the impact that his new album will make!


For more information, visit Zedd’s “True Colors” microsite.

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