Admit it. For the past few days, you’ve been suffering from a terrible post-concert depression after spending a crazy Sunday (19th April) night with The Script at Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam. It has been a while since we’ve felt that way too. The withdrawal is almost unbearable, but we managed to get through the week without constantly browsing through our photo gallery to see the photos and videos from that night.

Though The Script’s concert in Malaysia only started around 8pm, we were there since 1pm in the afternoon for an exclusive media interview. Much to our surprise, some avid fans can already be seen queuing outside the stadium and they were there since early in the morning.

The Script Live In KL - Hotlink Zone Entrance


It was a long wait, but it didn’t matter for the fans as they had been wanting to see the Irish pop rock band since the release of their breakthrough hits like “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” and “For The First Time”. We’re pretty sure they knew the lyrics to all of their songs by heart too.

The concert venue was immediately filled with both local and overseas fans when the organisers opened the gate. However, before The Script made their grand entrance into the stadium, Colton Avery, who was touring around the world with the band, came onstage as the opening act of the night. Though the crowd knew very little about Avery (he introduced himself twice when another fan asked for his name), he managed to serenade everyone in the stadium with his heartfelt performance.

The Script Live In KL - Colton Avery
Colton Avery

Shortly after Avery ended his performance, the crowd immediately went into a moshing frenzy as The Script frontman Danny O’Donoghue “painted the town green” by entering the stadium with a green flagged parade from the other end of the stage.

You can imagine how chaotic the stadium was when Danny sang and walked among the crowd in the rock zone. Though the security team was there to stop fans from getting too close to the frontman, it didn’t help when everyone tried to follow him while he was walking towards the stage.

Danny rejoined his fellow members onstage and performed a few songs in a row, including the ones from their latest album, “No Sound Without Silence”. Throughout the night, the band made sure that the fans were fully immersed in their live music by showcasing their incredible showmanship.

The Script Live In KL - Danny

The show was a sensory overload for our eardrums as well.

Whenever Danny came rushing down the stage, fans would erupt in high-pitched screams and swarm to his side for a chance to interact with him. The crowd also barely had chances to breathe as the band displayed a superbly high level of energy for each and every performance.

What set The Script apart from the other bands was the fact that they are willing to share their touring experiences with the crowd. Every now and then, they would take a break from the show and engage with the crowd by sharing some of their life stories. They even wore the Malay traditional songkok and took a group picture with the incredibly crazy crowd.


Danny may be the frontman of the band, but guitarist/vocalist Mark and drummer Glen had their fair share of spotlight during the show as well.

While Danny was walking around the stadium to interact with the fans, both Mark and Glen had a smashing time onstage. Mark even went as far as to perform an impressive guitar riff that had the whole stadium cheering for him. It was absolutely phenomenal performance, although this could have been because I was standing 10 metres away from where he played.

When they were performing “Man On A Wire“, Mark shared the band’s experience of filming the music video for the song. He jokingly warned the fans to be careful with the songs that they write because when it comes to making the music video, the director would ask them do all sort of crazy, dangerous stuff. Danny became a tightrope walker, Mark played guitar horizontally on the side of a building, and Glen played the drums on the edge of a roof.

Much to our delight, the band then performed another few songs in a row, including the “Never Seen Anything (Quite Like You)” and “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved“. The energy level have only gone up towards the end of the show, especially when they performed “The Energy Never Dies” and another hit single ,”For The First Time”.

Although there’s no official light stick, the whole stadium turned into a beautiful galaxy after Danny asked fans to switch on the flashlight from their phones. It was a beautiful sight to see and everyone sang “No Good In Goodbye” in unison that night. A whole lot of confetti was flying around when the band concluded the show with their awesome rendition of “Hall Of Fame“, a song that they collaborated with

Overall, The Script blew the stadium off with their exceptionally flawless performance and their constant interactions with the crowd. We’d be lying if we said that we didn’t leave the stadium in awe.

The Script Live In KL

Special thanks to PR Worldwide and Midas Promotion for bringing them down and we certainly hope they will come back to perform again!

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