The massive electronic dance music Mysterious World pre-party organised by Mysterious Asia which was supposed to take place today as well as tomorrow (18th and 19th April 2015) has been cancelled.

The 2-day event would’ve seen some of the world’s top DJ/producers as headliners, such as Tenishia and Andrew Rayel.

#MW2015 Pre Party Set Times


According to the official Mysterious Fest Facebook page, Mysterious Asia Sdn Bhd and Damai Bay Management Sdn Bhd (the venue) had obtained all necessary permits and approvals for the show together with support from relevant authority. However, 4 hours before the “Mysterious World Pre-Party 2015” event’s gates were to open to excited partygoers, the organisers received a letter from Sarawak Chief Minister Department by hand, which stated that the approval had been revoked at the last minute.

Their full statement (from the now deleted Facebook post) is as follows:


Kuching, 18 April – State Authority has revoked ‘Mysterious World 2015 Pre Party’ approval that is scheduled to happen today and tomorrow. Mysterious Asia Sdn Bhd and Damai Bay Management Sdn Bhd (our venue) have obtained all necessary permits and approvals to engage with this show together with support from relevant authority. The team tried to move forward with some options with the authority. Sadly, there is nothing much that the organizer can do to proceed with other plans. The letter that we received by hand, from Sarawak Chief Minister Department has stunned us as approval was already obtained and then revoked at the last minute, 4-hours before we open our gates to you. Safety to our fans and customers is not the issue, as relevant parties including the police force will be involved in this weekend show. “The Chief Minister Department has noted in the letter that the event is canceled because of the land owner, Sarawak Economic Developement Corporation (SEDC) refuse to allow the festival to take place. Our police department are aware of the event and have prepared all measures to ensure top security and safety enforcement will take place” said Tn. Will Ak Jihan from IPD Kuching. We have reached a decision after a closed door meeting with the local police, without the attendance from Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC). That said, dis-heartedly, this is official. Mysterious World 2015 Pre Party planned this weekend, is canceled. We will advise on the refund process very soon.

Sigh. What a bummer 🙁

For more information, visit Mysterious Fest’s Facebook page.

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