Hugh Jackman welcomes everyone to Neverland

Wolverine‘s bushy sideburns have been replaced with a twirly moustache and goatee, while his X-Men uniform has been switched for a black suit of armour accessorised with a ruffle of black feathers. Why, you ask? Well, it’s because Hugh Jackman has taken on the role of Blackbeard in the new movie “Pan”.

The Australian actor shared a sneak peek at his upcoming fantasy “Pan” by sharing a 15-second trailer on his Instagram account along with the caption “Welcome! #Panmovie @Panmovie”.


The trailer opens by showing Jackman as the legendary pirate as he roars, “Welcome To Neverland!”

Director Joe Wright has filled in the unknown origins of Peter Pan to form a new conception on the classic tale of boy who never wanted to grow up. “Pan” remains Peter (starring newcomer Levi Miller) battling a brutal pirate but this time, the story includes a little twist as Pan will be going up against Blackbeard instead of Hook.

“Be brave, Peter,” he told Pan in the teaser. “Make them believe.”

The movie written by Jason Fuchs which is slated for a July 17th release will also include Rooney Mara as Tiger Lilly, Amanda Seyfried as Mary, and Cara Delevingne as a mermaid.

Check out the 15-second trailer below:

For more information, visit the the movie’s official website.

Source: thewrap / featured image via thefashionisto

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