Even wondered where the term “The Real McCoy” originated from? Wonder no more, because Universal Pictures is here to clear your doubts! The best thing is, it was confirmed that Chris Pratt will take the role of the titular character!

Pratt, who is headlining Universal’s “Jurassic World“, is now set to star in “The Real McCoy”, an action movie that the studio picked up after a successful bid against Warner Bros..

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Scriptwriter Bill Dubuque was supposed to present the idea to multiple studios on 14th and 15th April. However, the meetings were cancelled as Warner Bros. and Universal entered an aggressive fight over the movie rights. The fight ended with Warner on the losing end.


McNulty came up with the idea of movie and he then pitched it to Dubuque. After Dubuque agreed to sign the movie, they both approached Pratt, with the meeting ending positively. McNulty is taking up the role of producer with Michael De Luca (of “Fifty Shades of Grey” fame), while Dubuque will be writing the script. Mark Williams will be the executive producer of the flick.

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The movie tells the story of bootlegger Bill McCoy, who is believed to have inspired the term “The Real McCoy”. McCoy is an America sea captain and rum runner smuggler who prided himself as a “honest lawbreaker” as he had never bribed law enforcers and politicians for protection. Despite being deeply involved in the trade, he was a non-drinker who never touched liquor.

“Jurassic World”, which stars Pratt, is slated for release on 12th June 2015.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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