The Russell Peters “Almost Famous World Tour” that was held on 10th and 11th April 2015 at Stadium Malawati in Shah Alam, Malaysia, definitely left his Malaysian fans in stitches once again.

As you might know, Malaysian Russell Peters fans have waited 3 whole years to see their favourite comedian on stage in Malaysia. And it’s safe to say that the long wait was well worth it! Over 16,000 attendees gathered at Stadium Malawati during the 2-day event to witness the legendary Canadian Indian in action. In fact, some of them (us, including) rocked up to the stadium from as early as 6:30pm 😉

Needless to say, parking was a breeze and what surprised us even more was that our friends from LOL Events even set up a “makan” area which was more or less a huge space allocated for a congregation of food trucks and some smaller drink stalls. Oh, you know, just in case you’re there early and you haven’t had anything to eat yet. Ace!

Russell Peters Almost Famous World Tour (4)
Source: LOL Events

The show which was supported by Malaysia Major Events (MME), an agency under the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism, lasted nearly 2 hours each night.

We’d like to talk about his performance but we can’t give his jokes away. What we can tell you is that Russell Peters, who is best known for his cultural anecdotes, performed all new material during the “Almost Famous World Tour”, as his performance highlighted his opinions on ethnic and cultural stereotypes, jobs, the usage of cell phones and dating.

Russell Peters Almost Famous World Tour (2)
Source: LOL Events

He was on point throughout the night as he showed off his ability to keep audiences laughing on the edge of their seats with his lightning fast improv and amazing crowd interaction. Let’s just say that he didn’t fail to impress and that he definitely lived up to his name! We would know, there was hardly enough time for us to catch our breaths in between roars of laughter. And this is coming from a bunch of people (us) who were seeing him for the first time.

After nearly 2 hours of dishing out an arsenal of jokes back-to-back, only pausing for a few seconds for a sip of water, it was time to call it a night. Our honest opinion of both the show as well as the man himself? We now know why he can singlehandedly and successfully build a comedy empire with nothing else but words, a microphone, an Indian accent, and a few variations of facial expressions.

The tour also saw appearances by Russell’s Official Tour DJ, Spinbad and opening act, Gregg Rogell.

Check out the full gallery of pics below:

*Pictures from LOL Events.

Special thanks to our friends from LOL Events for the invitations!


For more information on LOL Events, hit up their website or Facebook page.

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