Let’s take a moment to talk about Hillary Clinton, because we never do. In case you don’t know who she is, Hillary Clinton is the wife of the 42nd President of the US, Bill Clinton. She was also the First Lady of the US from 1993 to 2001.

But who knew that she had such a wicked sense of humour?

Hillary Clinton


As spotted by Time’s D.C. editor Ryan Beckwith, the HillaryClinton.com 404 message (read: the page you see when you try to access an address on the site that doesn’t exist) shows a cute Clinton family portrait taken with Donald Duck. The note below it reads, “Oops, that link wasn’t what it was quacked up to be”.

Check out the site’s 404 page:

Source: https://www.hillaryclinton.com/l
Source: https://www.hillaryclinton.com/l

On 12th April 2015, Hillary Clinton formally announced her candidacy via email and released a video saying, “Everyday Americans need a champion. And I want to be that champion.”

Yes, Hillary Clinton stands a pretty good chance at becoming president. A punning president, at that, and her new website shows she’s not afraid to bring the puns.


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