A 52-year-old Vancouver area photographer was arrested for Sunday (12th April) night’s hit-and-run of actor Ryan Reynolds, who was not seriously injured in the incident, local police said on Monday (13th April).

Ryan Reynolds, who is in the Canadian city to shoot the Marvel film “Deadpool“, got into a confrontation with the photographer in a hotel parking garage on Friday night, Vancouver police said. According to the AP, the “Deadpool” actor was struck in a hit-and-run accident in an underground parking garage, by a car which was reportedly driven by a paparazzi photographer.

Ryan Reynolds


The driver fled the scene and the incident left Vancouver-born Ryan with a sore knee and back, but he was able to return to work the following day.

But now that the driver has been caught, police are recommending charges of intimidation against the photographer, who remains in custody.

The actor, who is apparently as invincible in real life as the characters he plays onscreen, was unharmed, as confirmed in a statement by his publicist. In fact, he took the opportunity to sass a CBC reporter who tried to reach out to him for comment on Twitter:

Note: Ryan Reynolds, who grew up in the Vancouver neighbourhood of Kitsilano, would have been starting high school when The Beachcombers, a long-running CBC comedy series, went off the air in 1990.

Good to know that his strange sense of humour is well intact! ūüėČ


Meanwhile, the production for ‚ÄúDeadpool‚ÄĚ is currently underway in Vancouver before its release on 12th Feb 2016. Watch how Ryan Reynolds announced that the movie will indeed be rated R:

Source: AP.

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