Skrillex is on a roll!

Bass tastemaker Skrillex made his way back to the top of the game in past year with the release of his long awaited debut studio album “Recess” in 2014. Following the release of “Recess”, Skrillex and Diplo released their much hyped about collaborative Jack Ü album on February 27th.


Apart from having these two albums under his belt, Skrillex is also playing an endless amount of festivals and headlining shows across the world. Now, to top it all off, the superstar DJ/producer revealed that he has another new solo album coming out soon!


Whilst out on a fun night of bowling with the International Art of Bowling team during his visit in Australia, Skrillex just happened to calmly reveal the news, that after his Jack Ü album (which is now released), he would be releasing a new solo album. This massive piece of information being revealed in such a spontaneous video was discovered thanks to a Skrillex fan thread − seriously, have got to love the fans.

When asked about what’s new, Skrillex slyly reveals information about his solo album:

“We’ve got an album with Diplo coming out. Me and Diplo are doing Jack Ü, which is going to be awesome. I got another Skrillex album coming out soon.”

Given that Skrillex mentioned the Jack Ü album, it’s evident that the video was recorded over a month ago and unfortunately, we’ve got no other information except that his solo album will be out soon. Obviously, the words “out soon” can mean a lot of different things in the music world, but we do hope to hear more about the album in due time.


Watch the video below to watch Skrillex drop the bomb. We recommend that you pay close attention from the 1:40 mark onwards. 😉

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